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The Faith in Jesus Network is a collection of sites and contributors dedicated to writing on Christianity and Religion. Discussions are encouraged on the collection of social venues.

As the twenty-first century progresses, the religious confusion of the contemporary era continues unabated. At Faith in Christ Lives, a number of thinkers from a variety of theological interpretations and vocational backgrounds have banded together to stand for traditional Christian doctrine and the application of Biblical principles to a variety of pressing concerns. Faith in Christ Lives strives to accomplish this task by providing readers with incisive commentary and analysis as well as links to a variety of relevant resources and developing news stories. As part of this endeavor, readers are encouraged to discuss and comment on the provided content through a variety of social media venues such as the Spirit and Flesh Facebook community page, Twitter, and DISQUE discussions. In so doing, it is hoped that a path to the truth might be lit for the salvation of the soul and the preservation of human liberty."

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